Angry dad flooded in his home for days as sewage pours in from flats above

A furious dad says neighbours’ waste water has been pouring into his flat for 10 days following drainage problems in his block.

Gavin Cockill, 59, has been mopping up the water as he waits for contractors to come and set the issue right.

But the issue has also left his washing machine, kitchen sink and bathroom out of use, although neighbours can use theirs.

The council, which manages the flats, has confirmed the leakage isn’t sewerage, reports Hull Live.

Gavin said: “This has been going on for ten days now and it is the third time that I have been flooded in this flat, it is absolutely ridiculous.”

The father said he thought the slow response to the problem was mainly an issue about the cost of repairs. Hull City Council is yet to explain the delay but has apologised.

Gavin added: “Three times I’ve had standing water in that bathroom, this time is has been the drains for the whole block but before it has been water coming from the flats above.

“I used to have carpets down in there but I changed it to laminate because it was getting ruined time after time, now I’ve had to have that taken up too, it is completely ruined.

“They’ve come out to look at the problem and ripped everything out, I’ve lost my laminate, and they wanted to put a camera down to the main drain.

“It is just a money thing at the end of the day, they don’t want to pay out so they keep just doing half the job and hoping it holds for long enough.”

Those living in apartments on the floor above Gavin’s are still using their water appliances, and their waste water has been flowing out into his bathroom.

The waste water was standing up to an inch deep on his floor at times when multiple flats use their facilities at the same time.

He said attempts to communicate with his upstairs neighbours had been unsuccessful for both himself and workmen who had come to inspect the problem.

He also said the council had left him with no idea when the problem would be fixed, he has suggested that extensive works to change the pipes in properties above would also be required to fix the issues.

Gavin said: “I’ve been told absolutely nothing about when anybody will be coming to sort it, I was meant to have a plumber come over the weekend but they never turned up.

“I’ve just been left with other people’s sewage flowing into my flat and nowhere for me to wash in my own home.

“I’m stuck in waiting everyday for someone to come and sort the problem out because they don’t tell me when they’re going to come, so I’m here just mopping up water day after day.

“I just don’t see why they can’t just get it fixed properly, as I said it must just be about the cost because leaving my home in this state is just disgusting.”

A spokesperson for Hull City Council, controlled by the Labour Party, said: “We are sorry that there are still drainage problems at Mr Cockill’s home.

“An out of hours emergency team attended and made a temporary repair last week.

“Operatives attended again today (Wednesday) and will return tomorrow to complete the work.

“Whilst any leakage is undesirable, we can confirm that that the leakage isn’t sewerage and therefore the property will not be contaminated.”